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How To Put Your Pet Up For Adoption
By Anonymous, Jul 21, 2014, 2:05 pm...
I know most people Do know how to do this but some people don't! so I am going to do this step by step! just so it will make things a bit easy XD <br><br> <b>Step 1:</b><br> Click On the pet you want to put up for adoption <br><br> <b>Step 2:</b><br> Click On Edit <br><br> <b>Step 3:</b><br> now you will see trade up near the top it will say (Trade) - Click on the - and put in 0 then click of it <br><br> <b>Step 4:</b><br> Now your pet is up for adoption <br><br> <b>Tips:</b><br> If you want to put your pet for credits do the same but with 1,2,3 etc Also its the same with breeding! but you click breed instead of using 0 I hope this helped thanks

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