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How to make an accepted Tattoo
By OviExtra, Jul 14, 2014, 4:16 am...
1. Go to the tattoo option on the pet you'd make a tattoo for. Use that faded image as a background while you painting your tattoo over it (in a new layer). <br><img src="http://oviextra.com/img/tutorials/tattootutorial01.jpg"> <br><br> 2. Do your tattoo (in a new layer), in the example i've chosen to make a dalmatian horse. <br><img src="http://oviextra.com/img/tutorials/tattootutorial02.jpg"> <br></br> 3. Now remove the background of the pet and save your images as an gif or png to get it transparent.<br> <img src="http://oviextra.com/img/tutorials/tattootutorial03.jpg"> <br><br> 4. Upload your image here on OviExtra and your tattoo will be reviewed by staff, You'll get a PM on OviPets when this is done. <br><br> 5. Your tattoo is done! Looks like this when you add it to a pet.<br> <img src="http://oviextra.com/img/tutorials/tattootutorial05.jpg">

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