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Introducing the Visualizer
By OviPets, Jun 2, 2018
Introducing the Visualizer

We are so happy to finally introduce you to our newest feature, the visualizer! From now on you'll be able to test your ideas, before generating your pet!

You will find the visualizer in the species enclosure. We have also made it possible to go directly from research to generating, as well as the visualizer.
<img src = "//cdn.ovipets.com/images/Vizualizer1.303x46.png" title = "Vizualizer1" class = "image external" />

Simply choose between mutations and colors, or get inspired by pressing the randomize buttons - to see what beautiful creatures you can generate.

<img src = "//cdn.ovipets.com/images/Vizualizer2.849x575.png" title = "Vizualizer2" class = "image external" />
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