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OviPets Birthday Drawing Contest
By OviPets, September 1
OviPets Birthday Drawing Contest

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! We have had a wonderful time looking at all of your beautiful drawings, and look forward to see all of you grow as artists. Fantastic job!

- Please be respectful! After all "art is in the eye of the beholder", and we enlisted as many eyes as we could to have a fair judging of this contest. We loved each and every entry.

Advanced Class Winner - 4000cr:
The user who takes home the grand prize this year is Zappheera whose drawing is so detailed and rich that we simply can't take our eyes off it. Check out the adorable little Rattus' who ate their way through the cake. We absolutely love this drawing! This one has also been made our login-page for this month.

<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/happy.birthday.ovipets.1400x1000.jpeg\" title = \"happy birthday ovipets\" class = \"image external\" />

Runner Ups for the Advanced class - 400cr:

<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/ovipets.1504257324.1040x1240.png\" title = \"ovipets 1504257324\" class = \"image external\" />

<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/parade.3600x2700.jpeg\" title = \"parade\" class = \"image external\" />

Midnight Stables
<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/6th.birthday.2000x1903.png\" title = \"6th birthday\" class = \"image external\" />

Intermediate Class Winner - 3000cr:

This years Intermediate prize goes to Mar Azul, with this incredible drawing of an OviPets birthday celebration. This drawing captures the OviPets spirit like no other, and looking at it fills us with joy. The effective use of space is incredible and so is the drawing!

<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/marAZUL.1000x1414.png\" title = \"marAZUL\" class = \"image external\" />

Runner Ups for the Intermediate class - 300cr:

Polar Bear
<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/ovi.6th.bday.pic.1024x768.png\" title = \"ovi 6th bday pic\" class = \"image external\" />

Vice Bear Zoro
<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/OviPets.3469x2553.jpeg\" title = \"OviPets\" class = \"image external\" />

<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/ovipets.birthday.2048x1152.png\" title = \"ovipets birthday\" class = \"image external\" />

My Asian Guy (Aio)
<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/Untitled14.1504257334.1200x712.png\" title = \"Untitled14 1504257334\" class = \"image external\" />

Beginner Class Winner - 2000cr:
Happy takes home the prize of this years Beginner Class master. This creative, funny and beautiful drawing made us giggle. We love how there is so much we don't know about this story. Does the Canis want a slurp of the water or the fish? We simply can not know. :D

<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/ovipet.6th.birthday.930x1138.png\" title = \"ovipet 6th birthday\" class = \"image external\" />

Runner ups for the Beginner Class - 200cr:

<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/grafik.800x567.png\" title = \"grafik\" class = \"image external\" />

<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/Zonder.titel19.900x1200.png\" title = \"Zonder titel19\" class = \"image external\" />

S&oslash;l&iuml;&ecirc; &auml; D&ecirc;\u016bx
<img src = \"//cdn.ovipets.com/images/ovipets2.1193x720.jpeg\" title = \"ovipets2\" class = \"image external\" />

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