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Happy 6th Birthday OviPets!
By OviPets, Sep 1, 2017
Happy 6th Birthday OviPets!
<img src = "//cdn.ovipets.com/images/birthday2017.small.841x402.png" title = "birthday2017 small" class = "image external" />

OviPets is turning 6 years old today! It feels like it was only yesterday we hatched the newborn idea, and now all of the sudden 6 years has past and we have a fantastic userbase filled with amazing people. Let's celebrate all of you and OviPets by releasing permanent new mutations for the Avi, Canis, Catus, Mustela, Ovis, Ursa and Raptor! <3

♬♪ Ain't no party like an OviPets party, 'cause an OviPets party don't stop! ♪

Discounted credit bundle
During the month of September we'll offer a discounted credit bundle. You can now buy 2000 OviPets credits at a discount of ~10% compared to the 1200 bundle. This year you'll also receive 5 Multi Splice and 10 Quick Hatch slots when buying this bundle or using a gift card that gives you 2000 credits or more.

(Winners of the birthday art contest will be announced in a separate post)

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