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Group advertise: Immortal Dark Wolf Clan
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NameMembersAdminsNew Members (1 week)
Lupus and Equus adoptions32142
Ponytail Lupus Adventure18412
8V Pure Black Lupus Project84221
Pure Lupuses123231
Lupus And More38851
The Fuzzy Lupus5221
Colored Lupus Lovers51011
nos loulous lupus35511
Save the lupus6421
Lupus Luvers 1014011
Knightshade lupus pack611
Lupus Shop and Breed6121
Praetor Lupus3411
LupusCountes n LepusQueen Corner4521
Lupus Pack2611
Tattoos Lupus8231
Lupus Role Playing81360
Final Fantasy 7 Lupus Core5220
Lupus Party7410
Lupus Rave34230
lupus warriors139130
The Mystical Lupus25040
lupus of the hour710
Anything LUPUS24320

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