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NameMembersAdminsNew Members (1 week)
Credit Cravings83011
Avi Appreciation Association104410
Avis Dragons and more61310
Avi revolution78210
OviPet Saviors12920
Dreams of Saviors RPG210
Phoenix Avi Breeders18410
Saving Our Pets610
Of Fighters and Navigators710
Gravity Falls Lovers2710
Saving The Spiral210
The Saviors Sanctuary27360
Music Is My Savior25170
Raving Roleplays and Games9030
Pet Ravine1482-1
Avi Appreciation Association104710000
Avi Appreciation Association104710
Avi Appreciation Association104720
Avi Appreciation Association104730
Avi Appreciation Association104740
Avi Appreciation Association104750
Avi Appreciation Association104760
Avi Appreciation Association104770
Avi Appreciation Association104780

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