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OviExtra.com is down for the moment!

Today my server started to smell like electric fire, the whole thing is fried expect the hard drive.
I'll order a new server for OviExtra.com tomorrow. So the site will be down for a long while.
Need to get the new server and then install everything on it that we need.
If you would like to donate anything to this, I would very much appreciate it.
If you can afford it and have a Paypal account.
And if you don't have your own PayPal account I DO NOT want you to ask your parents!
this is not that important.

Click here to donate via PayPal

I'll buy a new server anyway, even if I have to lay out all the money myself.
I love to be able to help you guys with your time here at ovipets!

I am not begging for money like I said, will get a new server anyway.
Just want some help on the way cause I am not made of money.

Please send me an PM on OviPets if you donated so that I can thank you.

Thank you all very much!
// LonniE 2017-11-26