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NameMembersAdminsNew Members (1 week)
The Cheap Pure Hideout5654104
All OviPets3246487
Kingdom of Loaf91253
Radical Raffles218738
Adopt Mania25491727
Egg ninja free pets and eggs44193026
Idyllic Haven3121124
New Free Pures for Everyone1202321
The Giver283620
Anything is Possible157220
The Masked Hollows140918
The Kahhrma Kollective39721217
FREE AUTO-adopt and breed3003116
Khaleesis Squad5601016
*Welcome Egg Ninjas*751115
No Extra Rules1043414
The Saviors Sanctuary317614
Free Pets For Everyone10334413
Free for Nonpaid91713
Miss Kacies Color Paradise14062213
Pures for Sale Trade or Free4209312
Adopt Me Please5093412
Free Free Free7598811

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