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NameMembersAdminsNew Members (1 week)
Furry Galaxy528799
All Pures Here139323
Adopt Mania30711120
* 1 Ovi Addicted *10072115
*Welcome Egg Ninjas*1079113
A world without tears164211
Alpha*s Galaxy253610
Egg ninja free pets and eggs4722258
Neverland Escape178668
The Kahhrma Kollective4252147
House of Soulsteel7627
Paws-atively Ovi Art19487
Unpaid No more1914147
credit earning719596
Free Pure Breeders491476
Egg Ninjas Express548116
Adoption Addicts4749126
Mystic Rainbow Pure Adoptions52526
Mist Wolves463146
The Magic Manics26886
Free Credits For Everyone11416

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