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Maybe This Would Be Handy?

#1 Emmy (Member)March 25

Posts: 5
I actually have a few, they have been in my mind for a while. Maybe you could possibly add an objectives section on this site? kinda like trophies, but instead of just winning them for the satisfaction, you could do objectives that are linked to ovipets to where if you did a certain thing (a.k.a mission/objective/quest) and possibly get a chance to win something from it? Like pets, credits, etc. ;)

Also, this may be fun for everyone and could possibly bring people in more. I think a tab just for raffles would be great, or giveaways- basically the same thing. Like, you could throw some on here and announce a prize, and after a certain time and after people did the certain things wanted of them to be able to join, they could get a chance to win a given prize from admin(s). Almost exactly like raffles/giveaways on ovipets- but instead its on OviExtra. :)

I don't know, these may be a bit out of reach? I just think they would be a cool addition to the site. What do you think, Mattias? :)
#2 LonniE (Owner)March 25

Posts: 169
objectives would be nice but I don't see how we are supposed to handle it. It would take a lot of time to keep it active. But your idea in full would be nice if you think it's possible.

We could add a "Games" selection on OviPets Forum and maybe build sub-forums to that?
#3 Emmy (Member)March 26

Posts: 5
I've seen it on other sites and thought i'd give it a go to suggest haha:D
I can see it possibly making people more motivated to go on and off of this site more often. But i understand how developing and updating things like that would be hard and a lot of work, I just thought it could possibly be something cool to try to do in the future? :D

That would be pretty cool. What would you put in it if tehre was to be one in the future? :P
#4 obi yan (Member)April 9

Posts: 5
What if there was a way to, idk...mass name pets? XD like if you just wanted all your pets named "DP" or "ADOPT ME!", or like a way to name them based on their RGB codes
You'd have a drop down menu of which codes you want to be in the name (eyes, body, body2, extras, scales, etc etc) and the result would be a name that looks like:
^for a double pure REB pet lol
yay or nay idea?
#5 Luna Salansky (Member)April 10

Posts: 6
what would be great is a way to mass trade instead of the good ole drag...
#6 mamab3 (Member)July 18

Posts: 61
#7 Alicia Pendragon (Member)July 18

Posts: 114
obi and luna, you do realise that Oviextra isn't affiliated with ovipets xD For suggestions Ovipets wise, you'd be best commenting over in the events group on their post :)

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