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#1 mamab3 (Member)May 28, 2017

Posts: 65
Alicia Pendragon Wrote:
mamab3 Wrote:
Question about groups. If you "win" a group as a contest prize is there a way for the Creator of the group to relinquish the group to the winner of the contest or do they remain forever as "owner" of the group?

mamab3, if the owner contacts Ovi support and explains they can change it so the winner becomes the owner :)

Thank you so much Alicia, no one seemed to think it could be done that I had found. I knew you'd know if anyone would! Thanks for the help.
#2 Alicia Winchester (Member)Jun 21, 2017

Posts: 118
You're welcome, glad I could help even if you now have me blocked after all the help given XD
#3 Cera's Mass Breed Hatchery (Member)Jan 31, 2018

Posts: 1
Does anyone know if there will be a app to this amazing game? I would love to make it easier to get on the game through my phone and or Kendal without having to log into my facebook first.;);););)
#4 Softball_girl05 (Member)Feb 14, 2018

Posts: 1
this question was asked previously about making banner and you said to use power point. well i am on a chrome book and i have google slides and will that work for banners or do you think it should be power point.
sorry if that is a bit confusing
#5 Alicia Winchester (Member)Apr 3, 2018

Posts: 118
So sorry for not replying sooner, completely forgot to check here :)

Cera's Mass Breed Hatchery, Sadly I don't think they will make an app as it would require a lot more coding than they seem capable of, and the question of an app has been made many times to them over the years with no responses so I guess not.

Softball_girl05, google slides will work just as fine, so long as you can put the pictures on, and possibly change the font colour on there (if not then there is a way to use FireAlpaca to do it) then it can be used for banners :)
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