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#1 LonniE (Owner)Mar 24, 2017

Posts: 170
We could add a trophie "Been Playin' OviPets For A Year" But hmm, userid's on ovipets do tell when the account is created but the one problem is, how will I know exactly a year from now with ID's?
#2 Baast (Member)Mar 26, 2017

Posts: 9
You already ask for a year we joined Ovipets. What if you went ahead and asked for the exact date and then linked the trophies to the date they enter?

I don't know, just a thought :p
#3 Goddess Kyra (Member)Mar 27, 2017

Posts: 54
Trophies on being the first to make that pure? Maybe Based on it's hatch date?
#4 LonniE (Owner)Mar 27, 2017

Posts: 170
Trophies is for everyone to get, so if only 1 can get it, it lost it purposes. And the trophies should be more related to OviExtra maybe. Like "Been a member a year" but on Ovierxtra
#5 Nythera (Member)Apr 8, 2017

Posts: 5
I like Baast`s idea
#6 Riptide_Vertigo (Member)Apr 8, 2017

Posts: 4
a mass breeding trophy would be awesome! XD
#7 Nythera (Member)Apr 10, 2017

Posts: 5
Trophy for pure line breeders?
#8 LonniE (Owner)Apr 10, 2017

Posts: 170
You guys are forgetting that this is OviExtra, OviExtra related trohpys not OviPets :P
#9 mamab3 (Member)Jul 17, 2017

Posts: 65
#10 Nightshade (Member)Jun 11, 2018

Posts: 7
Thropy for how many species you have like 10, 20 and so on as they add them
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