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This may be a stupid question... but I'm new

#1 Emma Beyea (Member)Dec 29, 2017

Posts: 1
I'm new to OviPets, so I'm not really sure how any of this works. I'm not a paid user, and I'm not even really sure what that means. How do non-paid users earn credits to research and stuff? I have no more credits so I can't research anymore and I don't know how to earn more.
#2 Alicia Winchester (Member)Jan 6, 2018

Posts: 118
Its not a stupid question at all! To earn credits, you turn other people's eggs. To turn them, you have to be their friend and you don't get a credit every single time but its what most people to do to earn credits and can be very successful. But be sure to check the presentation on their hatchery before turning as some people may not allow egg ninjas (term for someone who turns eggs) temporarily or permanently.
#3 mamab3 (Member)Jan 16, 2018

Posts: 65
Good answer Alicia!
#4 Nightshade (Member)Jul 15, 2018

Posts: 7

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