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List your top 3 artist of all time pages (1,2,3)

#1 UnicornSpacePrincess (Member)Apr 22, 2017

Posts: 2
1. Luke Bryan
2. Thomas Rhett
3. Dustin Lynch
#2 Alicia Winchester (Member)Jun 13, 2017

Posts: 118
Its so hard when my music taste constantly changes according to my mood but I do have a few general ones I like

1. Panic! At The Disco (I love all of their songs but currently Nicotine is my fav)
2. My Chemical Romance (Teenagers)
3. All of the artists behind the songs in the games I play :)
#3 Sile Neshoba (Member)Jun 14, 2017

Posts: 11
Adiemus - I know it as a song, by Enya, but it's confusing as there's a band by that name.

Fall Out Boy - Immortals or Phoenix, both tie for this band

Winx Club - The Power to Change the World (full)
(it's a show, but the characters in it sing)
#4 LadyEllesmere (Member)Nov 3, 2017

Posts: 18
It depends on my mood. Metal when I'm angry,classical when I'm stressed. Nightcore or dance when I'm happy and darker music when I'm sad.

1. Queen
2. Celldweller
3. Linkin Park

Honestly it's hard to choose,because there are so many.

Bonus: TSO-trans Siberian orchestra

#5 Rourke (Member)Dec 21, 2017

Posts: 1
I mainly listen to Electronic (including Dubstep), but my top 3 just has to be:

1. EDEN/The Eden Project (Favorite Song: crash)
2. Illenium (Favorite Song: Leaving)
3. Panda Eyes (Favorite Song: Colorblind)
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