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Project Banner Help?

#1 *Spiryte Thatcher* (Member)Apr 10, 2017

Posts: 8
What program does everyone use for their project banners? I've seen some really nice ones browsing the forum here and I will be needing one come winter time, more or less, and I would like to know what sort of programs people use so that I can figure said programs out as well.

Keep in mind though, I don't have access to Photoshop :( so I've got limited options.

Thanks for any suggestions! :D
#2 Alicia Winchester (Member)Apr 10, 2017

Posts: 118
I use the most complicated program of all: PowerPoint XD

Just find background image, use a certain site for fonts then use FireAlpaca (free art progra) to remove the background from pets, sometimes give glow to their edges and use the 'protect alpha' to change the text to any colour I want.

And these are the results:
#3 *Spiryte Thatcher* (Member)Apr 10, 2017

Posts: 8
PowerPoint? As in the slideshow program? That's amazing! I didn't know you could use that for banners.

Your banners are pretty cool, I admit. My favourite (obviously) is the Berry Passion one :P
#4 Goddess Kyra (Member)Apr 10, 2017

Posts: 54
I use MediBang Piant Pro for any type of art XD

Its a free downloadable program
#5 Alicia Winchester (Member)Apr 11, 2017

Posts: 118
Yep, Its really quite simple to use PowerPoint and doesn't take long to make good banners after you get used to it :)
#6 Michaela Cabrerea (Member)Apr 14, 2017

Posts: 5
i tried using powerpoint to make a banner. how do i post it in ovipets now?
#7 Alicia Winchester (Member)Apr 15, 2017

Posts: 118
Michaela Cabrerea Wrote:
i tried using powerpoint to make a banner. how do i post it in ovipets now?

If you have it ready then you can do either of two things:

1. Screenshot the picture and crop it so only the banner can be seen (if you use LightShot you can just take a shot of the banner. Its a free, safe program purely for accurate screenshots)

2. Group all the different parts together (words, pictures, etc) so that when you move it around, everything moves with the mouse. Then click save as and save the image somewhere.

After you have the picture of your banner, go to somewhere like Stash (needs a deviantart account) or Imgur (also needs account but both only load it privately) and upload to one of them. Copy the image address once done to paste to Ovi ad voila, you're banner is ready for viewing!

Hope that helps :)
#8 Michaela Cabrerea (Member)Apr 18, 2017

Posts: 5
#9 EllieSpring2017 (Member)Apr 26, 2017

Posts: 2
I use Pixlr for my banner that I'm making!
#10 Nightshade (Member)Jun 11, 2018

Posts: 7
I use PaintShop Pro 6 to make my banners. Its a really old version of it but still works great.

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