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Anyone have commissions or art trades open?

#1 Jaegerthegreat (Member)Apr 10, 2017

Posts: 2
I guess fill out the form to make things easier:
1. Examples:
2. Price Range:
3. Other currencies accepted:
4. Types:
5. Art trades open?:

So if I filled it out:

1. Examples: http://jaeger-the-great.deviantart.com/
2. Price Range: 20-200c
3. Other currencies accepted: DA points
4. Types: Will draw dogs, dragons, but I specialize humanoids
5. Art trades open?: Depends
#2 Vampire Spirit (Member)Apr 10, 2017

Posts: 6
1. http://shadowhunterclare.deviantart.com/gallery/ http://sta.sh/2fde4d44xcl?edit=1
2. 10-80c
3. Da points, Flight rising points or gems.
4. I'll draw most things except I'm not very good at cats.
5. It depends
#3 Alicia Winchester (Member)Jun 21, 2017

Posts: 118
1. Examples:
2. Price Range: PWYW (quality varies piece by piece but they aren't free and please don't be insulting with just 1c or 1 DA point)
3. Other currencies accepted: Credits, DA Points, Flight Rising Treasure or Gems
4. Types: I'm happy to attempt most things but I'm best doing feral/animals and even more specifically wolves and mlp characters/ocs
5. Art trades open?: Always, so long as the other hasn't got anything against them doing art trades
#4 Dorix (Member)Jul 21, 2017

Posts: 2
1. Examples:
They are in my tab art on ovipet (also in pets there), there are my latest works: :Dhttps://ovipets.com/#!/?src=pets&sub=profile&usr=549891&pet=189019472
2. It depends: least of all 10c
3. Only credits, sorry
4. Everything! ( in examples are most of lupus, but I can do whatever )
5. It depends

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