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What games do you play besides Ovipets? pages (1,2)

#1 Tala Lunan (Member)May 8, 2017

Posts: 3
Um.... Would you like the Full list in ABC order? XD

Top Games of Mine:
~Pokemon Emerald, Pearl, and Platinum
~Soul Caliber X
~Final Fantasy (i forget which one :/)
~Ledgend of Zelda (ok... ok... Favorite one is Twilight Princess... I LOVE WOLVES OK!)
~TOWN OF SALEM (I like to lie to people when they are strangers.)
#2 Sile Neshoba (Member)Jun 14, 2017

Posts: 11
I have us.howrse.com and valley of unicorns, oh and some random phone games. I've been reading more than playing games.
#3 LadyEllesmere (Member)Nov 3, 2017

Posts: 18
The LOZ-zelda series,harvest moon,rune factoey,Pokemon, portal,star dew,my time at portia,star bound, star stable, Alicia online,sims,animal crossing and So many more.

I mostly stick to playstation,Nintendo and pc titles.
#4 Nightshade (Member)Jun 23, 2018

Posts: 7
My newest obsession besides Ovipets is the new ps4 game Detroit Becoming Human
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