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7days to die ?

#1 Maileksa (Member)Mar 12, 2017

Posts: 21
Is there some "7days to die" players ?
This is my most played game in my Steam`s library with almost 1900 hours XD

I'm a builder of huge project as this :

#2 LonniE (Owner)Mar 12, 2017

Posts: 170
Havnt tried the game but looks fun :)
Ohh, Thank you for posting images, really need to fix the width. hold on :)

Edit: The width is now fixed :)
#3 Maileksa (Member)Mar 12, 2017

Posts: 21
thanks, looks really better like this !
#4 Alicia Winchester (Member)Jun 21, 2017

Posts: 118
Woah, that looks awesome and insane O.O I wasn't so sure of it when I saw the name somewhere but now I've seen bits of the game here I'm definitely going to have a look into it!

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